Sunday, December 23, 2018

Necessary + Essential First-Aid Supplies

Injuries and illnesses can occur anywhere, whether at home, or traveling domestically or far afield. I carry a very complete first-aid kit with me when I'm traveling that duplicates many of the items I have readily available in my house. Whether you cut yourself in the kitchen when slicing carrots -- and, if you're on anti-clotting medication this would be especially problematic; or you're a woman who develops a vaginal infection while traveling in China, for example, where you might have difficulty easily finding a pharmacy who will understand what you need, especially if you're in a rural locale; or you're sitting beside a campfire making S'mores only to have the smoke irritate your eyes, the supplies (below) should provide relief. This list does not include the more typical items, such as gauze, adhesive bandages, a thermometer, and ACE-type elastic bandages, which are, of course, also important. Each of the supplies (below) are divided by symptom and body system to make it easier for you to determine what you need.

Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Teeth

  • OcuFresh Eye Wash
  • GenTeal, Blink Tears or other lubricating eye drops
  • EarPlanes - for unclogging ears on the plane
  • Saline nasal spray

Tummy Troubles
  • Bonine - for motion sickness

  • MiraLax - for constipation

  • Pepto Bismol chewable tabs - for diarrhea and to prevent traveler's diarrhea

  • Electrolyte replacement powder - for diarrhea

  • Peppermint Tummy drops - for stomach upset
Bites, Stings, Rashes

  • Benadryl cream - for itching

  • IvyBlock - prevents poison ivy rash

  • Calamine lotion -- for rash/itching

  • Tecnu - poison ivy skin cleanser
  • After Bite -- for itching after a "bug" bite

Cuts and Bruises

  • Betadine or other antiseptic wipes

  • Bacitracin topical antibiotic cream
  • Blister kit with moleskin
  • QuikClot - to stop bleeding fast
  • Spenco 2nd Skin squares/pads - for a blister

Women's Needs

  • Diflucan (single oral dose) - prescription

  • Monistat vaginal cream

  • Replens