Friday, July 29, 2022

More Wanderings In A New Jersey-Based Sculpture Garden

 With its Giverny-inspired landscaping, this fine-dining restaurant at Grounds for Sculpture is also perfect for sipping a chilled Pinot Grigio or an iced coffee on the shaded terrace.

As I walked through a particular grassy expanse at this sculpture garden in Hamilton, New Jersey, I was captivated by this giant that appears buried in the lawn. (I took a separate photo of his foot.) This striking sculpture by Seward Johnson was cast in aluminum.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

An Expansive Sculpture Garden In New Jersey

 It’s easy to spend the whole day at Grounds for Sculpture, an expansive and ultra creative sculpture garden in Hamilton, New Jersey. After all, there are surprises aplenty in niches, alcoves, beside bodies of water or snuggled in the woodlands. This is “Birth of the Messenger” that was carved from granite by the American sculptor, Viktor who was born in Odessa.

Surprises galore await as you roam the trails networking this 40-some-acre property. This bronze set in a mist-laden venue is “Redon’s Fantasy of Venus” by Seward Johnson.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Portugal’s Alentejo Region - Part 5

 For an oenophile like me, being able to sample wines produced in clay vessels called amphora was a delight for my palate. In Portugal’s Alentejo region, this method of wine production is thousands of years old, thanks to the Romans and maybe even the Phoenicians before that.

You can’t beat the infinity pool where a table and chairs are set in the shallow end at the Montimerso Skyscape Country House. Whether sitting in one of the poolside lounge chairs or the handful of ultra comfy daybeds nearby, I soaked up the stellar views of the Alqueva, Europe’s largest man-made lake.

While roaming all around the Alentejo, I found the old, gnarled olive trees captivating. Each had a distinctive, stunning personality.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Visiting the Alentejo Region of Portugal - Part 4

 At Quinta do Quetzal in Portugal’s Alentejo region, vineyards climb the slopes where a cluster of pines crowns the summit. What I most love about this estate is that it combines so many of my interests. Here you’ll find fine wines, a creative restaurant (with this view), and a contemporary gallery featuring work by Portuguese artists.

At Herdade do Sobroso, a family-owned property, guests head for the hills of this expansive property, and enjoy a sumptuous picnic spread under the shade of oak trees.

A stay at the Montimerso Skyscape Country House is a joy to behold. I found myself especially infatuated with its ultra minimalist aesthetic, vast landscape threaded with walking trails, locally-sourced menu items, and its eco sensibility, including protecting the night sky from light pollution.

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