Sunday, September 29, 2019

My New Book on Food and Fitness

I bet that many who follow me and read this blog may not be aware that I'm trained as a scientist, and I'm a nutritionist and exercise physiologist. My new book that I co-authored is neither a diet book nor an exercise book. It's not a diet plan nor a new way to work out. You won't find anything about weighing/measuring food nor any prescription of what foods you should or shouldn't eat, nor any special exercise program or fitness equipment that you should use or rely on. Rather, this is a book that appears to have a simple message: it's a new way to think. This is a cognitive behavioral approach to food and fitness.  Though it seems simple, it requires work. But, it does work. "The Yum Factor: Changing Your Attitude Toward Food and Fitness" is sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback, Kindle or Nook editions.

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

A Sustainable Resort in Mauritius

On the east coast of Mauritius, SALT of Palmar is a delightful eco boutique property that's infused with sustainability, a playful design aesthetic that reflects the island's bold colors, and a sense of connectedness between the land, its people and their culture. These photos provide a window into this property with more stories to follow down the road.


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

A New Green Space on Roosevelt Island

It's certainly curious that so many New Yorkers have never visited Roosevelt Island, which is just a five-minute tram ride from Manhattan. (It's also a stop on the subway.) The two-mile-long island is serene, scenic and safe. But, now there's more reason than ever to visit. In fall 2017, the Cornell Tech campus opened as a sustainable university campus, and the newest campus in the city. The best thing for the public is the expansive green spaces, pedestrian paths, and numerous seating options on this 12-acre campus that features the Bloomberg Center. This contemporary, energy efficient structure was named for the daughters of Michael Bloomberg, the City's former mayor who spearheaded the initiative to develop the campus. This building is decked out with a rooftop of solar panels. And it also has the ability to capture rainwater that's used for irrigation, cooling and the plumbing system. Grassy lawns, ornamental grasses, and numerous small trees pepper the landscape where there are numerous seating options. And, no matter what time you visit, you'll notice that the facade of the Bloomberg Center takes on a different sheen depending on the time of the day. (It's because of the way the metal disk cladding reflecting the light.) A hotel is planned to open in 2020.

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fijian Resorts Centered On Protecting The Environment

As the seas are heating up, one of the consequences is a dramatic decline in coral that are vital for the health of coastlines and seas. Among the many countries affected by climate change is the island nation of Fiji. Thankfully, there are Fijian resorts, including family-friendly ones, that strive to pamper adults with all manner of amenities while educating everyone on how to preserve and conserve natural resources. This is my recent article for Forbes on three of these stunning resorts.

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