Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Travel Product Discounts - Travel Tips E-Book

As you probably know, I strongly recommend many products and companies in my new travel tips e-book not because any company asked to be in the book but because these are products, companies and services I stand behind in terms of their quality and performance. 
A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about three companies that are offering discounts to anyone who buys my e-book.

Now two more companies are on board with very cool discounts. 
Pick-pocket Proof Underwear! Yes, the Clever Travel Companion that makes men's and women's underwear and t-shirts with hidden pockets is offering a 15% discount to anyone who buys my travel tips e-book. Plus, if you tell your story of something you lost while traveling (including if your purse or pocket was picked), you could win the Clever Travel Companion product of your choice. Check out my post here for the rules. The contest ends December 10.

And a company with a quirky name, Horny Toad, that sells comfortable, stylish and performance-driven clothing (some with organic cotton) for men and women is offering a 10% discount on anything in their inventory, but just until February 1, 2013. When I'm shopping, I often find that active wear sacrifices a fashion sense and vice versa. Not so with Horny Toad. From dresses to tees, pants and jackets, Horny Toad makes items that I take on all my trips – including a fuzzy vest that I virtually live in in the winter – because I want items that look good, and are comfortable all day long no matter if I'm getting sweaty running around a city or I'm on a hiking trail. And many of their items also wear well for after work activities. 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

My Top Travel Tip For Women + Much More

Ever wonder why I rarely if ever carry a purse? What made me fall in love with Spain, Portugal and Israel? What makes Washington state's Methow Valley so special? And, I bet you have no idea what motivated me to start traveling around the world once I graduated from high school?

You'll find out the answers to these and other things about my life as a travel writer by reading this interview I did with Dian Emery at GirlsGetaway.
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Essential Travel Tips For Every Trip

What if I told you that you could get an entire book of information that could take the worry out of your next trip and it would cost less than a cup of your favorite Starbucks latte? That's what blogger Charu Suri wrote about my travel tips e-book, The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel. She singled out five tips that she found particularly, including why you should always travel with a tube of Shoe Goo as well as the importance of bringing along two different credit/debit cards.

 Check out Charu's review here at her blog Butterfly Diary.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giveaway: Best On-The-Road Lost Item/Pick-Pocket Story

My best pickpocket story is definitely unforgettable. It took place in one of my favorite cities, Madrid, in the afternoon as I stood outside a museum. Suddenly bird poop (or so it appeared) plopped all over my shoulder. And, just as suddenly, two well-dressed young girls appeared with tissues to help me clean up. Or, rather, they cleaned out my small backpack that I had on my back. Within seconds, as I was talking to one of them, the other managed to lift my passport, all my credit cards and money, my driver's license, my ATM card and even my hotel key. I later found out that this was an elaborate scam that employed someone with a high-powered water gun who shoots the faux poop on unsuspecting tourists -- though I thought I looked like a Madrileña and I even spoke Spanish.

If I had been wearing a pair of underwear or a t-shirt with hidden pockets, like those sold by Clever Travel Companion, at least I could've protected some of my valuables. This is one of the companies I recommend in my travel tips e-book, The Travel Authority: Essential Tips for Hassle-Free Travel. And, I'm happy to announce that the Clever Travel Companion is giving away any one of the many products they sell -- men's and women's underwear, t-shirts and tank tops -- to the one person who writes the best on-the-road lost item or pick-pocket story. To be eligible for the product of your choice, you must like the Clever Travel Companion on their Facebook page as well as submit your best story that involves either an item you lost while traveling or a situation where your pocket or purse was picked.  You can either post your story here on this blog or email it to me at -- no more than 200 words, please. (If you decide to post here, please provide your contact email so that I can reach you should you win.) All stories must be submitted by 11:59pm on December 10, 2012. Your story must be true and, aside from mentioning your own name if you post here, there's no need to identify anyone else who may have been involved or who you felt was involved in the incident. In addition, you must be a U.S. resident to be eligible to receive the prize. Good luck everyone.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travel Tips E-Book - Product Discounts

Since I published my travel tips e-book a couple of weeks ago, I've been hearing from people asking about the companies/products that I recommend in my book. Three of these companies, so far, are on board to offer discounts on their products to anyone who purchases my book: 

1. SteriPen, the company that manufactures a small device that you can carry in your pocket and that will sterilize contaminated water in seconds. They are offering $5 off on any product they sell.
2. Clothing Arts, the company that manufactures Pick-Pocket Proof Pants -- yes, they are so pick-pocket proof that you would have to be unconscious for anyone to get into your pockets -- is offering a substantial 20% discount that's good until fall 2013. I've blogged about these pants in an earlier post. 

For each of these discounts, simply email me (see the contact information in my blog) and I'll provide you with the discount codes.

Below is the latest company to provide an offer to those who buy my book. And this is a company that is near and dear to my heart. I've been a member of this organization for ages and have taken many of their bicycle tours where I've pedaled along one of the most beautiful roads in the country, the Beartooth Highway, and also went ferry hopping in Washington State's San Juan Islands. I've cycled over soaring mountain passes in Colorado and Montana as well as along historic paths in New Mexico passing old pueblo dwellings.

Anyone who buys my travel tips e-book will:
Get a Free Issue of Adventure Cyclist Magazine!

Adventure Cycling Association is North America’s largest nonprofit membership bicycling organization.  Their mission is to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle.  They publish the award-winning Adventure Cyclist magazine known for its insightful stories,inspiring photography, bicycle-travel news, gear reviews, technical advice columns, touring bike road tests, and more.

This is a company without pretension, a company that has long advocated for safe bicycle routes around the country, and a company that was the first first in 1976 to organize the coast-to-coast bicycle route in the U.S. 

Their guided bicycle tours span the gamut, from cushy inn-to-inn tours where you'll enjoy low-key cycling in, for example, Puget Sound in Washington, passing  tranquil coves and harbors, to family tours in Idaho where you and your kids can stop in historic towns, take a refreshing dip in a swimming hole, and do some bird watching, to much more rigorous self-contained tours that course thousands of miles over hill and dale, such as their Sierra Cascades tour. On these latter tours, you'll carry everything, including clothing, food and other gear, on your bike, camp overnight and wake up to towering redwoods and course through majestic parks, such as Yosemite and Lassen, with its smoldering volcanic activity. You'll become comfortable with the day-to-day routine, and realize that good camaraderie, warm food, a roof over your head, and a day of scenic vistas is all you need to be happy

Aside from their tours and the magazine, Adventure Cycling also offers the Cyclists' Yellow Pages, a comprehensive resource allowing you to search for bicycle shops, bike tour operators, bicycle events and much more in North America and around the world.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Under-The-Radar Sights in Budapest

Wandering Budapest's leafy street recently, I made plenty of discoveries. Most of them had very little to do with the Danube, the Citadel and other signature sights that garner all the attention. And, even when I did visit a well-traveled path, I did so with a slightly different focus. The whole point was to see Hungary's capital as if I were a local. Sure, it was my first time in Budapest, but, I prefer to be surprised. And, I don't find it all that appealing to visit on-the-radar venues that are iconic. After all, I'm all about what I term the "Who knew?" factor.

The recent article I wrote for the Huffington Post offers a look at Budapest with surprises galore; a Budapest that represents a locals view. Make sure to check out the accompanying slide show that illustrates some of the curiosities I stumbled upon.

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