Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gear Review: Ultra Bright Headlamp for Hands Free Travel

There's something about headlamps that never worked for me. They were too heavy on my head or they'd uncomfortably squeeze so tight that I'd end up with a headache. I was born with horrid night vision but could never find a headlamp that was bright enough. Some travelers have no need for a headlamp. But I love traveling hands free, especially when camping, hiking or cross country skiing after sunset or strolling along a beach late at night. I’ve gotten away without a headlamp, relying, instead, on a small halogen flashlight. That is, until I found the UCO Hundred.This small device is everything I’d been looking for. It’s small -- measuring barely 2” x 2” x 2”, light -- under 2 oz, comfortable, ultra bright and it even looks good! The lamp has three settings; the high produces 100 lumens, enough brightness to light up almost 200 feet ahead of me. (The 3 AAA batteries will last some 6 hours at this settting.) The lowest setting produces 10 lumens that will hold up for 75 hours. The headlamp is well balanced, sitting close to your forehead and is designed with a lovely wood inlay; it’s attached to a colorful headband. Plus, the headlamp easily pivots so you can efficiently direct the light where you need it. This is my new travel accessory that I’ll be bringing even on my non-adventure trips. (Since I’ll soon be traveling to Iceland where there are few hours of sunlight in the winter, this headlamp will come in handy.)

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Video: My Innovative Travel Bag For Women + Men

Never feel like you forgot something ever again. Now you can have all your essentials at your fingertips in a matter of seconds, in a bag that looks great too. This versatile travel bag with 15 pockets/slots can be worn 7 different ways and is perfect for men or women.

Find out how to buy this unique travel bag here:
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Friday, December 16, 2016

New Video: My Innovative Vest For Women

Since I travel all the time, I would hate rifling through a cluttered, disorganized shoulder bag to find the one thing I needed. It made me anxious, stressed, and like I was constantly running behind schedule. I went looking for a better bag, or a better coat that would allow me to stay organized and de-cluttered. I was saddened to find that all the things that would help me also made me look like a tourist (making me a target for con artists, pickpockets, and potentially worse), or just plain weren’t flattering. So I took matters into my own hands, and I designed a vest for travel or everyday use with ten, hidden, non-bulging pockets. It looks great, feels great, and is made of the highest quality materials. That wasn’t enough, though. I’d only solved one problem. What about those days where even a vest is too hot? Well I made a travel bag as well. This sleek, minimal design allows you access to all of your important materials right when you need them, while allowing you to stay organized and safe. Check it out this new video (below) and where you can buy one of these innovative vests.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

South Africa In Pictures

Bicycling South Africa’s Western Cape with VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations, I coursed through a land full of contrasts: rugged coastlines and arid fields; palatial wine estates and townships roiled by poverty; dramatic gorges and simple blooming gardens. As I rolled through steep hairpin turns, I came upon a family of baboons frolicking on the asphalt. Strolling along a seaside boardwalk gave me a close-up view of dozens of penguins whose feathers were ruffled from the wind. Other roadside finds included a wild ostrich that took a fancy to a cyclist who wasn’t in our group and decided to chase him at high speed along the highway. This was a journey that revolved around integrating all of the botanical, geological, agricultural and cultural phenomena that make up South Africa’s Western Cape. This short YouTube video slideshow provides a window into my adventure.

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