Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Love Affair With Reykjavik

Sure, Iceland is plenty exotic but I don't think most of my friends quite understand why I have long fallen in love with its petite capital city, Reykjavik. Maybe it's because in this land of fire and ice I can hang out at the beach in July and plop into a hot tub that's set just offshore. Or maybe it's because their eclectic designers satisfy my desire for wild, wacky, yet stylish, accoutrements, such as a handbag fashioned from dried codfish skin. It might have something to do with the fact that I enjoy strolling into coffee shops that have a sense of character, unlike the cookie-cutter Starbucks that have blossomed all over most major cities. Or perhaps it's because even their new concert hall, Harpa, allows me to have an intimate connection with the mountain and sea scapes beyond.

If you're interested in why I have a love affair with Reykjavik, check out the interview I did with Maria and Anthony Russo, founders of the online magazine, The Culture-Ist. You'll find plenty of travel tips that might surprise even those of you who are Reykjavik savvy.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Turtles & Tranquility in Dominica

As a native New Yorker, I'm as Type A as they come.  So, when I select a resort, I'm content when I'm got a mass of activities to choose from. And, as a committed tree hugger, I'm also on the lookout for venues that are eco-oriented and laden with verdant foliage. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that I'm also a foodie, so the cuisine should be tempting and healthy. There should be some fine wines available as well as a spa (even a small one) that offers vigorous massages to help me recoup from strenuous hikes and a salt-water, chlorine-free swimming pool.  But, I prefer a a resort that doesn't exude attitude, if you know what I mean. The pretension factor should be low or non-existent. Yes, I've got a lot of criteria when judging a great resort.  And, I found that at the Rosalie Bay Resort in Dominica that had the unique advantage of offering guests the ability to watch endangered sea turltes migrating from the sea, preparing a nest and laying dozens of perfectly round white eggs.

My article for the Huffington Post describes why this resort will satisfy tree huggers, vegetarians, adventure seekers, oenophiles, foodies or those just seeking a tranquil, easy-going resort alike but also where attitude just doesn't come into play.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Radio Show: Colombia: Who Said It's All About Crime?

Why would I venture to Colombia? Because everyone told me not to go. And, after I recently published an article in the Huffington Post on 20 reasons to visit Colombia -- there were actually many more but I decided to limit it to 20 -- my friends are now rethinking whether Colombia should be on their list of top places to go. In fact, many of the comments reflect a delight in finally being able to read an article that shows off the country's first-rate side.

Below is my interview with Terry Boyd at KPAM 860 radio in Portland, Oregon, where I discuss why we need to look at Colombia beyond the activities we typically associate with this country, namely drug trafficking, kidnapping, and terrorism. If you love coffee, you'll definitely want to listen in.



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