Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Antigua In Pictures

Most people know Antigua for its white sand beaches and teal waters that beckon snorkelers, divers and sailors. But, instead, I searched out trails -- such one to Signal Hill that offers panoramic views -- that wandered through an arid landscape, and contemporary art galleries, such as the vibrant Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery that's snuggled in the middle of the rainforest. My wee B & B, Blue Bay Antigua, on the quiet east end of the island, afforded a charming accommodation for those on a budget. The pool offered views of the ocean, as did my whitewashed room, simply decorated with small watercolors done by Caribbean artists that hung on the walls.

This short YouTube video slideshow offers a window into my visit.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gear Review: Foldable, Sun-Protective Cap

Often I find myself not packing a brimmed cap because it doesn’t fit in my ultra tiny carry-on bag. But that changed when I found out about the Summit Air Cap. Not only is this polyester cap light, but it folds into slightly bigger than palm-size. I brought the Summit Air along on my most recent trip to Antigua where I hiked mostly arid trails with little shade. The cap comes with a sunprotection factor (UPF) 50+, a soft, wickable sweatband and excellent breathability, thanks to the full mesh fabric on the crown. Despite the sun and heat (it was high in the 80s F), I felt cool and comfortable. (When the trail wove deep into the shade, I simply stashed the cap in my back pocket.) Even better, the fabric is manufactured from recycled coffee grounds (S. Cafe fabric) making it eco-friendly. The company, Chaos Hats, manufactures other foldable hats (even a fedora) as well as non-foldable but fashionable and sun-protective Panama, wide brim and straw hats. 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stylish, Warm Wool Wear

Why write about a wool infinity scarf in May? Because in the Northeast, it still feels a bit like winter, with nighttime temperatures in New York City dropping into the 40s F. Not so perfect for wearing sandals, but perfect for wearing my new Krimson Klover infinity scarf. I received it a month ago and, thanks to the unseasonably cool weather, I’ve worn it almost every day. (Here are a couple of links -- here and here -- for more infinity scarves.) The fun-feminine scarf gives even the most casual clothing a sophisticated air along with providing warmth without the bulk one might expect. The merino wool/mohair fabric is soft and the color palette is subdued with just a hint of vibrancy, perfect for when I make sales calls during the week (for my clothing and accessories line) or during networking events. In fact, I’ve had business women stop me on the street in Greenwich, Connecticut to inquire where I bought this fashionable item. Not only do I love the high quality yarns they rely on in their scarves, dresses, sweaters and skirts, but it’s a women-owned and operated company based in Boulder, Colorado. (Yeah for Made in America.)

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Micro 7-in-1 Travel Bag for Women + Men

When I travel, I avoid being a target, whether labelled as a tourist or looked at as someone who is carrying around valuables. Instead, I carry my vitals -- all the things I can’t live without -- in a micro travel bag that I designed. It can be worn seven different ways (making it quite adaptable to your travel style) and its silhouette is so minimal, I’ve attended networking events and wine bars, and the people I was standing next to didn’t even realize I was wearing it.

atta-Bag can be purchased here.

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