Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gear Review: Foldable, Sun-Protective Cap

Often I find myself not packing a brimmed cap because it doesn’t fit in my ultra tiny carry-on bag. But that changed when I found out about the Summit Air Cap. Not only is this polyester cap light, but it folds into slightly bigger than palm-size. I brought the Summit Air along on my most recent trip to Antigua where I hiked mostly arid trails with little shade. The cap comes with a sunprotection factor (UPF) 50+, a soft, wickable sweatband and excellent breathability, thanks to the full mesh fabric on the crown. Despite the sun and heat (it was high in the 80s F), I felt cool and comfortable. (When the trail wove deep into the shade, I simply stashed the cap in my back pocket.) Even better, the fabric is manufactured from recycled coffee grounds (S. Cafe fabric) making it eco-friendly. The company, Chaos Hats, manufactures other foldable hats (even a fedora) as well as non-foldable but fashionable and sun-protective Panama, wide brim and straw hats.