Saturday, August 22, 2020

Why Visit the Azores in Portugal

I have a thing for archipelagos and the Azores in Portugal is one of my favorites. Each of the nine islands is quite distinctive in terms of landscape, geography, culture and product it’s noted for. I’ve visited eight of the nine, hoping to visit the hardest to reach and the tiniest, Corvo, in late 2021. This is my latest for Forbes on the Azores.

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Watercolors - Iceland’s Westman Islands

The only inhabited isle of the idyllic Westman Islands, Heimaey is just off Iceland’s southern coast. I had spent almost a week exploring this walkable island, including the verdant cliff tops where puffin birds waddle as well as the lava flow that in the 1970s swallowed up houses on the east side. Taking the ferry gives you the best perspective of the island’s precipitous cliffs crowded with sea birds.

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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Photos - Travels in Niantic, Connecticut

Scenic Niantic, Connecticut radiates a chill vibe no matter where you wander.

A mere two-hour drive from New York City, the village of Niantic on Connecticut’s shore front offers cool breezes, scenic waterfront views, placid green spaces, and a calming vibe.

hi It’s easy to practice mindfulness in the early morning when walking the beaches in scenic Niantic, Connecticut.

On the Niantic River that opens to the bay, Connecticut’s Port Niantic marina couldn’t be more picturesque.

The village of Niantic on the Connecticut shore offers myriad opportunities to be enwrapped with nature.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Land + Sea Watercolors - Abstracts from My Travels Part 2

My round-the-world travels provide endless inspiration for all my creative works, including my art, whether collage, pastels or watercolors. I tend to gravitate to landscapes, especially parks, gardens and woodland, as well as coastal venues. And these pieces below reflect that sensibility.

The birth of plants, with all their colors, textures, and dynamic energy.

Creativity born from the pandemic.

In my world, the brilliant colors of the sun drip through verdant forests.

For me, inspiration springs from a very colorful blank slate.

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