The Travel Authority Book

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A lifesaving guide for any trip.

What you'll need to know to avoid all manner of unpleasant surprises -- illness, delayed flights, lost luggage, jet lag, and hotel break-ins -- while you're on the road.

                  Tips for Even the Savviest Traveler

More than 200 tips for everyone, from novice travelers to road warriors. Whether on business in Milan or on the trail in Montana, this book has everything anyone needs to know to take the worries out of your next trip.

The Bible of Travel Tips

You'll learn:

• How to sterilize water with a pen-size device.
• What the American Express card can do to help travelers that other credit cards can't.
• How to breeze through airport security.
• What to carry that will repair just about anything.
• How to assure you never have to check luggage.
• When to buy medical evacuation insurance.

About the author: Jeanine Barone has been hiking, biking, skiing, and trekking all over the world. As a travel, food, wine and design writer, her articles have been published in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler (UK) and dozens of other magazines and newspapers.

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