Sunday, July 29, 2018

What's in a Complete Travel First-Aid Kit?

When traveling domestically or far afield, I carry most, if not all, of the following first-aid items because you never know when you’ll have an accident or end up with an unexpected ailment. And, even if the city you’ll be visiting isn’t lacking a pharmacy, it might very well be closed just when you need it. This list is even more essential when your trip involves a biking, hiking or other adventure-type trips.

• Quik-Clot - an ultra-specialized bandage to stop bleeding when you know that simply holding a gauze pad won’t work, such as in someone taking anti-clotting medication or who suffers from a clotting disorder.
• Bonine - to prevent motion sickness

• Saline eye wash - to wash out debris from your eye

• Aleve (naproxen) - for pain

• Aspirin - for fever or a heart attack

• Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

• Gauze pads and adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes

• ACE bandage - for sprains, strains, pulled muscles

• Bacitracin - topical triple antibiotic ointment

• Topical cortisone - for itching/rash

• Oral Benadryl - antihistamine for allergies

• Caladryl lotion - for itching/rashes

• Mylanta or Tums chewable tabs - antacid

• Sudafed - oral decongestant

• Afrin nasal spray - nasal decongestant

• Pepto-Bismol - chewable tabs to prevent traveler’s diarrhea
• Imodium AD - to treat diarrhea
• Probiotic - for good intestinal health (or a mild laxative such as OTC Miralax)
• Azithromycin or Zithromax (Z-pac) - a prescription antibiotic for severe diarrhea
• EpiPen - a prescription of injectable adrenalin in case of a severe, life threatening allergy (anaphylactic) reaction
• Digital oral thermometer

• Sawyer Controlled Release - DEET-based insect repellent OR
All Terrain Herbal Armor - a DEET-free insect repellent

• Blister kit, including moleskin, Spenco Second Skin, and Band-Aid blister bandages

• Robitussin liquid gel - cough suppressant

• Ricola throat lozenges

• Tweezers - to help remove a splinter or even a tick

• Neutrogena or another broad-spectrum sunscreen - at least SPF 30

• Steripen - UV device to decontaminate water

• Monistat cream - for women in case of a vaginal yeast infection

• Blistex lip ointment/balm

• Aloe gel - for sunburn

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sri Lanka in Pictures

The three properties in Resplendent Ceylon's collection reflect the variety of treasures Sri Lanka offers.

At Cape Weligama, one of the three Resplendent Ceylon properties in Sri Lanka, villas huddle in colorful gardens, and guests wake up to this scene where they can take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool and gaze at the Indian Ocean in the distance.
The architecture and design at Resplendent Ceylon's Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka is stellar. But what's even more impressive is how the company upskilled the local fishermen, teaching them how to construct these netted bamboo structures that are covered in recycled teak shingles. Now, when they're not fishing, they have another source of income -- there's lots of interest in these types of structures that are ultra strong and light on the environment.
When staying at either the upscale Summerville or Castlereagh bungalow that are part of Resplendent Ceylon's Tea Trails, one never tires of this view: lake, mountains and fields covered in tea plantations. The days can be spent lounging pool side or mountain biking or trekking through the plantations, perhaps stopping at one of the other three colonial-era bungalows for high tea or maybe a game of crochet.
This YouTube video slideshow provides a window into these three properties as well as excursions in the surrounding areas.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Zen-Like Hotel Experience in Sri Lanka

If I had to describe my ideal airport hotel it would be one that, though in close proximity to the runway, felt like I was in a botanical garden. I know that’s a tall order, but somehow I found it at The Wallawwa, a luxe boutique property in Sri Lanka. No matter where I wandered on the six-acre lush property, I never was far from blooming flowers and other foliage. Check out my recent article for Forbes on The Wallawwa.

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