Sunday, July 29, 2018

What's in a Complete Travel First-Aid Kit?

When traveling domestically or far afield, I carry most, if not all, of the following first-aid items because you never know when you’ll have an accident or end up with an unexpected ailment. And, even if the city you’ll be visiting isn’t lacking a pharmacy, it might very well be closed just when you need it. This list is even more essential when your trip involves a biking, hiking or other adventure-type trips.

• Quik-Clot - an ultra-specialized bandage to stop bleeding when you know that simply holding a gauze pad won’t work, such as in someone taking anti-clotting medication or who suffers from a clotting disorder.
• Bonine - to prevent motion sickness

• Saline eye wash - to wash out debris from your eye

• Aleve (naproxen) - for pain

• Aspirin - for fever or a heart attack

• Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

• Gauze pads and adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes

• ACE bandage - for sprains, strains, pulled muscles

• Bacitracin - topical triple antibiotic ointment

• Topical cortisone - for itching/rash

• Oral Benadryl - antihistamine for allergies

• Caladryl lotion - for itching/rashes

• Mylanta or Tums chewable tabs - antacid

• Sudafed - oral decongestant

• Afrin nasal spray - nasal decongestant

• Pepto-Bismol - chewable tabs to prevent traveler’s diarrhea
• Imodium AD - to treat diarrhea
• Probiotic - for good intestinal health (or a mild laxative such as OTC Miralax)
• Azithromycin or Zithromax (Z-pac) - a prescription antibiotic for severe diarrhea
• EpiPen - a prescription of injectable adrenalin in case of a severe, life threatening allergy (anaphylactic) reaction
• Digital oral thermometer

• Sawyer Controlled Release - DEET-based insect repellent OR
All Terrain Herbal Armor - a DEET-free insect repellent

• Blister kit, including moleskin, Spenco Second Skin, and Band-Aid blister bandages

• Robitussin liquid gel - cough suppressant

• Ricola throat lozenges

• Tweezers - to help remove a splinter or even a tick

• Neutrogena or another broad-spectrum sunscreen - at least SPF 30

• Steripen - UV device to decontaminate water

• Monistat cream - for women in case of a vaginal yeast infection

• Blistex lip ointment/balm

• Aloe gel - for sunburn