Saturday, August 18, 2018

New Waterfront Parks Along the East River

There's always something to be discovered in New York City, something that doesn't make it on the must do lists of most tourists. My recent discoveries are two new sections of already existing green spaces along the East River. A sunny day is perfect for boarding the NYC Ferry at East 34th Street and hopping off first at Hunter's Point South. The next extension that wanders along a peninsula provides scenic views of Manhattan's skyline, while also offering plenty of opportunities to walk or jog in solitude -- if you visit on a weekday early morning -- along paths that wander beside thickets of native plantings and some curious art installations.

When you're done soaking up the placid vibe, hop back on the ferry and disembark at DUMBO -- an acronym that means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass -- where you'll find the newly opened Pier 3 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Adirondack chairs are just one of several different seating options -- even stone seats designed by Gunter Beltzig -- for those who prefer to relax. Otherwise, wander through a labyrinth where a parabolic reflector stands as well as other interactive curiosities, and explore the many repurposed historical features, such as bollards where ship ropes were once tied, and railroad ties. Or stroll to the one-acre sprawl of sunny lawn that's perfect for sunbathing.