Thursday, August 30, 2018

Another New Park for New York City

Domino Park is one of the triad of new New York City parks that opened this summer along the East River. What makes it different from the other two I recently wrote about is that it has a very industrial feel. No surprise, considering it references the 19th century Domino Sugar Factory -- once the largest in the world -- whose edifice stands across the street from the park’s expanse in this Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood. Salvaged sugar syrup collection tanks that stand almost 40-feet tall, crane tracks (as well as gantries now painted a signature turquoise) and almost two dozen steel columns are all part of the park’s design, as is plenty of elements designs for relaxation or physical activity, including a beach volleyball court, waterfront-facing wooden lounge chairs, a playground that also plays homage to the sugar factory (complete with silos). It’s easy to spend the whole day here, sunning, jogging along the esplanade, picnicking or lunching at the Danny Meyer taco kiosk. (The kids will enjoy the nearby water feature.)