Sunday, December 16, 2018

Greenland: Tours that are Sustainability Focused

Even savvy travelers have misconceptions about Greenland: it's hardly a cultural bastion, it's at the end of the earth, activities revolve solely around the polar ice cab and dog sledding. All untrue! But one of the most remarkable things about Greenland is its wee capital, Nuuk, that brims with contemporary art, design, and architecture. Yet, with soaring mountains within striking distance of Nuuk that sits at the mouth of a picturesque fjord, the capital is oh-so close to numerous nature-based activities. Now, there's a new tour operator in town, Greenland Escape, that offers knowledgeable and fun guides who provide sustainable experiences in Nuuk and far afield for the whole family. This is the article on Greenland Escape that I recently wrote for Forbes.