Friday, November 29, 2013

Who Shouldn't Buy My Travel First-Aid Kit Organizer

When you're about to hit the road for a domestic trip or an international expedition, who wants to think about injuries or illness? Perhaps that's one reason why so many people are more willing to overpack when it comes to shoes, dresses and sweaters than they are to overindulge in first-aid supplies and a well-organized first-aid kit. I'm one of those meticulous travelers who prepares for the inevitable, which is why I produced Doc-in-a-Bag, the unique travel first-aid kit organizer that comes with five zippered clear, durable pouches, each labeled with a colorful and humorous icon indicating what symptom/body system the contents treats. If you don't want to think about injuries or illnesses, then maybe this isn't your thing? Find out if you're one of those who shouldn't buy my travel first-aid kit organizer:

 1. You bring along only Band-aids, so what's to organize?

2. You prefer jamming all your tubes and bottles into one bag and rifling through it when you need something in a hurry.

3. You'd rather use ziploc bags that are cheap and will most likely unseal or tear, spilling the contents in your luggage or elsewhere.

4. You'd rather buy your own set of high-quality zippered vinyl bags, knowing that to get the same quality, you'll have to pay $8.00/bag at the rate of $40 for five. (Doc-in-a-Bag is 5 bags for $14.99.)

5. You like everything else in your life to be organized, whether it's your tunes, files, books or recipes, but not your first-aid supplies.

6. You know that Doc-in-a-Bag comes with 5 laminated lists of everything you need to pack in your kit, but you'd rather waste your time wandering the aisles of pharmacies or brainstorming your own set of lists.

7. You know that Doc-in-a-Bag comes with discount coupons for everything from pick-pocket proof pants (20% off) to a natural insect repellent, but you'd rather risk getting pickpocketed and eaten by mosquitoes when you travel. (Or maybe you just don't like getting money-saving discounts.)

8. You don't like the idea of paying $14.99 for a kit that doesn't come packed with all the supplies, even though the laminated lists take the thought out of deciding what to pack, and many of the items you may already have in your house.

9. You'd rather buy a first-aid kit that's pre-packed, even though it often has supplies that don't fit your individual needs, including those of women travelers or those with dental needs, and, because you didn't pack it yourself, you're not really sure when to use each item.

10. You don't like the idea of having a separate pouch just for women because, well, women and men are basically the same regarding health issues, right?


Alexandra said...

I'm going to get one next summer, when I travel to Sweden.

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Alexandra, I think you'll find it extremely useful.

ruth pennebaker said...

OK, OK, you've convinced me. Will invest the next time we're going on a long haul.

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Ruth, Excellent. It'll really put your mind at ease regarding travel health issues.