Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seven Special Posts from the Past

Late last week, travel blogger Donna Hull of My Itchy Travel Feet nominated me to participate in a project devised by the folks at the TripBase Travel Blog. Referred to as My 7 Links, the project has each of the nominated bloggers -- who, in turn nominate five other travel bloggers -- look back on their past posts that were well received, controversial, exceptionally helpful or perhaps didn't get the deserved attention. But in all cases, it brings back blog posts that many new readers may never have read. And it also will make you aware of the other nominated top-notch bloggers that all can provide valuable information, advice and travel lessons learned.

I've been blogging now for just a touch over 2.5 years and, during that time, I've learned a lot about what my readers want, what they most enjoy, and how to get the word out about my posts via social networking. Here are seven of my posts from the past, listed by category:

Most Beautiful: Day Trips from Zagreb

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I'm a serious tree hugger. Since nature plays such a large role in my life, this post provides scenic day trips from the city of Zagreb where you can see some of the most eye-catching waterfalls around.

Most Popular: Savvy Packing with Only a Purse

I'm all about being the savvy traveler and that means packing ultra light. As many of you know, I never check luggage, no matter how long I'm on the road. This post was extremely popular because of the video slide show ilustrating the multitude of outfits I can pull out of a purse!

Most Controversial: What I Love About Rio de Janeiro

Well, I should clarify: as I was writing this post, I thought it would be controversial because so many people have misconceptions about Rio given the talk about crime, slums and crazy traffic. (And, here I discuss all the green spaces and cool bicycling options.) But, in fact, the comments were quite positive and reflected the ability to maintain an open mind, something that's essential when you travel.

Most Helpful: Travel First-Aid Advice - Video

We all have our view of what should be in a first-aid kit. But most of us skimp, preferring either to believe that nothing will go wrong or that whatever you may need you'll find at your destination. Because I like to put my mind at ease by preparing for all manner of disasters on the road, this post provides strategies for putting together the ultimate travel first-aid kit.

Most Surprising Success: Greece Beyond its Isles

Because I know most people think of Greece as synonymous with its sandy isles, I didn't expect this post on my long, arduous bicycle trip far beyond any beaches in Greece's interior would be such a success. The reason it was well received, I believe, is because once you get off the beaten path, you're bound to make authentic finds.

Deserved More Attention: Plenty of Nature in New Jersey

New Jersey has always gotten such a bad rap, especially when it concerns anything to do with nature or eco-consciousness. So I thought that this post, which reveals green spaces and nature-based activities in New Jersey, would be a real hit. After reading it, you'll see why the state is given the moniker, the Garden State.

Most Proud Of: 50 Places of a Lifetime - National Geographic Traveler iPad App

I always spend a lot of time writing my posts. They are all carefully crafted. But in order to write a comprehensive review of this app, I spent hours playing with it and going through all the bells and whistles. I remember finishing this post at 2:30 am and feeling like I did the best job I could to convey the entire experience one will have when using this well-designed app.

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Kerry Dexter said...

thanks for this, Jeanine. I have read most of these before, being a regular visitor, but it's great to have a bit of your behind the scenes persepctive and see your choices.

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi kerry, glad you liked some of the back story behind some of my posts from the past.

sarah henry said...

Love the chance to look through your archives even as an armchair traveler -- and the concept behind this 7 list -- may I borrow the idea for the food blogging community?

Living Large said...

These were great!

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi sarah, Of course you may borrow the idea, though it wasn't mine to begin with. It was the people at TripBase. Glad you enjoyed the posts.

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Living Large, Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

phil younghusband said...

nice very interesting post

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Phil, Glad you enjoyed the post.

Melanie Haiken said...

As a longtime reader, it was fun to revisit these posts. I particularly liked the Rio post, and of course the fun packing video. Keep up the good work!

sheryl said...

It's fun to revisit oldies but goodies. I really enjoy reading all of your posts, and am grateful for a look back to your favorites.

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