Saturday, December 13, 2008

my first blog post

I'm launching this blog to share with you my tips on travel, food, wine, design, architecture and anything else I'm interested in and discover during my often international adventures. I'm a travel writer and consultant who's been published in dozens of magazines, from National Geographic Traveler to various AAA publications. This blog will tip you off to what I call "undiscovered treasures" or "off-the-beaten-track" destinations. I'm on the road about three months a year, though not all at once. My specialties include Spain, Portugal and Iceland and, though I visit each of these countries every year, I'm always visiting other countries and cities that are on my "must see" list. Even when I'm in well-trafficked areas, I manage to find a museum, park, garden, gallery or restaurant that is either new, renovated or somehow not on the average tourist radar. Because I also have a background and interest in nutrition and medicine, I may be posting items relating to traveler's health whenever that's relevant. I'm hoping this blog will open up a whole new world of adventures for you.

Jeanine Barone


dkopman said...

Congrats on the new venture, JBo. I look forward reading about all your latest adventures.

Unknown said...

I love your blog -- good writing and very descriptive. Keep it coming and I'll keep reading.


J The Travel Authority said...

Thanks for your feedback. It's always appreciated.