Friday, December 29, 2017

Urban Winter Wear for Frigid Weather

With most of the eastern half of the U.S. swathed in frigidness, there's more reason than ever to layer up with lightweight, but warm, fabrics. These (below) are some of my favorite items most from Smartwool that's noted for its Merino wool products -- many of which I've been wearing the past week when the temperatures in Manhattan hovered around 10 degrees at times.
Men reading this article can scroll through the Smartwool inventory as well as that of Stio, the other company I mention to find warm wear that looks good and performs well.

Smartwool Cascade Valley Asymmetric Tunic Sweater

What's especially great about this tunic is that the zipper on the neckline converts into a thick, cozy turtleneck. So it looks fashionable when paired with leggings but it also performs well in the cold.

I like to pair this dress with a fleece vest, like one sold by Toad & Company.

Smartwool Flip Mitt gloves

Smartwool neck gaitor

Smartwool Marble Ridge cap

Smartwool leggings or tights

And, because I get exceedingly cold, I pair these leggings with fleece tights that are sold by a number of manufacturers.

Smartwool underwear

As to all the additional outwear, I favor jackets made by Stio, a company many people are not familiar with.

This is their Sweetwater Fleece Jacket

I often double this jacket with the insulated Azure XT Hooded Jacket

And if I need even greater body coverage to protect me from the elements, instead of the insulated jacket I'll wear the Hometown Down Parka