Sunday, December 17, 2017

Gear Review: Tiny Convertible Backpack

Unlike most people, I didn't immediately jump on the Fjallraven bandwagon. Fjallraven is a Finland-based manufacturer of sturdy gear that now has a loyal following, including customers who would never set foot on a hiking trail or a ski slope. Nonetheless, I recently got ahold of one of their products, the Kanken Mini that, like many of their products, comes in a rainbow of color choices. I didn't choose this to make a fashion statement, however, but I wanted to test it out as a small convertible bag/backpack to tote along on the plane for the bare necessities as well as once I land as a backpack to carry a beverage, lunch and sunscreen once I hit the trail. It's exceedingly light (barely 8 ounces) and small, measuring just over one inch by five inches by just under eight inches. It's waterproof, which is more than I can say for most packs where you're still forced to wrap everything inside in a plastic bag to keep things dry. I wore it recently during a snowstorm in New York City, and found that it kept everything completely dry. The only downside I found: I literally had to watch a short video in order to figure out how to convert it from a hang bag to a backpack! But, once you follow the directions, you're all set.