Monday, December 25, 2017

Independent Art Fair - Video

I and a fellow artist, Oliver Correa as well as additional artists: Ash Fox, Cadence Hooks, Ari Fraser, Bibi Tran, Vanessa Burkly, and Marine Naotika recently showed our contemporary paintings, collage works and photography at two independent art fairs that we set up in New York City.  (Oliver showed several paintings of his dad, Alfredo Correa, a prominent Venezuelan artist.) It's something we hope to do several times a year. The fair was a big success, both for the congenial vibe as well as the networking options, and being able to get the word out about independent artists.

My photography prints that are mounted on board are for sale all year on my website . And, any additional photos from my Instagram feed are also available upon request.

This short video shows off some of the varied works from our art fairs.