Friday, December 11, 2009

A Possible Life-Saving Cool Product

You probably know by now that I write a lot about healthy travel. Whether you're traveling or hanging out on your home turf, accidents can happen. I know I've been at home and had friends or their children fall of bicycles, cut themselves while cutting vegetables in the kitchen, or suffer a laceration in the backyard while weeding.

Then, again, I'm often in the backcountry where it's easy to fall and get cut while on the trail or in the campground. And, given that so many people are taking aspirin to protect their heart, or they may be on anti-clotting medication for other conditions, being able to stop bleeding fast is important.

That's why I recommend a unique bandage called KytoStat. It's so small you can place it in your pocket, or carry it in your purse so it's always available. The same technology that makes this bandage able to stop bleeding quickly and efficiently (by pressing it to the wound for 2 to 5 minutes) has been long used by the U.S. military and emergency medical technicians.

KytoStat is such a small product that's easy to use that I think everyone should think about carrying it, whether you're into cycling, hiking, skiing or any other sports or you're a parent who wants a product that's a must-have in the home first-aid kit.

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Ellen Barone said...

I love a new travel discovery! Many thanks for the tip. I can always count on you.

And if you haven't already discovered Compeed bandages, they're the BEST solution for blistered feet I've found yet. When in Europe, I stock up. They're not cheap, but they stay put until the blister heals, even if they get wet.

Well worth the extra $ when you do something silly like walk miles of Paris city streets in strappy sandals with swollen transatlantic-flight feet. Yep, been there, done that.



J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Ellen, Thanks so much for your comments. And I absolutely always bring Compeed bandages on all my trips to deal with blister issues. They're the best. You're always full of great tips, too. Thanks.

canvas picture said...

Those sounds like a great help Ellen and the bandages look brilliant, should invenst in some.