Monday, December 14, 2009

More Travel Tips For Savvy Packing

Because I tend to travel frequently and sometimes for long stretches, I need to be super organized when I'm packing. And Eagle Creek is a company that sells a myriad of cool sacs, folders and kits that help me easily navigate through airport security, deal with wet bathing suits, organize all my documents and manage all my toiletries and small items so that nothing gets lost.

The items I'm most fond of include their Pac-It Sac (I use the small black one for documents), the Custom Travel Bottle Set (this is the way to deal with the "liquid issue" when flying), the Pac It Folder (perfect for keeping shirts from getting wrinkled) and the Compression Sac (there's no better way to cram a down jacket into your bag and still have plenty of room).

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