Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cool Travel Gear

All of you know that I never check luggage, even when I'm traveling for 7+ weeks. And, to do that, I'm a big fan of gear that serves several functions. So when I'm out at night in a big city, I prefer not to carry a handbag -- which might be a target for purse snatchers -- to carry my hotel keys, credit cards, money, cell phone, and other valuables and necessities. A scarf -- a very special one, at that -- to the rescue. The XUBÁZ is a functional piece of neck wear with a handful of concealed zippered and snap pockets. They're so hidden, or at least at least they're not so obvious, that there's no chance of a pickpocket thinking, of all things, that I've got valuables in my scarf! In the summer, I even wear the World Traveler model in lieu of a jacket to keep me warm at night -- it's made of a special material originally designed for NASA that absorbs and then releases body heat.

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Jennifer @ Approach Guides said...

I LOVE this concept! They have so many different styles targeted to every type of traveler. It is a great idea for travel and for keeping valuables safe. Thanks for sharing.

J The Travel Authority said...

hi jennifer, yes, it's a great product. I take it on all my trips, including the current one to Panama. It's been invaluable.

Anonymous said...

This is very cool.

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi marthaandme, I especially love that the product comes in styles that fit all your needs, including those that work well in an urban club scene. Who needs a purse when you've got this scarf?

canvas prints said...

That is some very cool travel great, haven't heard of some of it before. Thanks a lot!