Sunday, December 18, 2022

Scenic Photos In My Backyard

 As a photographer, I’m all about presenting even tried-and-true destinations from a completely different perspective. I’m captivated by color and form. But, I don’t need to travel to locales that are far-afield. I find treasures right in my backyard — sometimes literally — as these images reveal. Of course, all my photos are available for purchase, whether as any occasion note cards or photo prints.

There are abundant botanicals to be found on New York City’s Roosevelt Island that’s a short tram ride from Midtown east.

These were the dramatically-hued leaves on my neighbor’s tree. 

After 15 mph winds, blowing most of those leaves off my neighbor’s tree, this is the picturesque scene nature left for me on my lawn.

I found this scene when I set foot on a wooden deck in the backyard of a tiny coffee shop in New York City.