Sunday, January 31, 2021

Green Spaces and Art in Connecicut

 Just one hour from my home in New York City, Ridgefield, Connecticut is blessed with abundant green spaces.

On my recent visit, every morning I jogged through the historic district populated by grand properties, with some houses dating to the 18th century.

In addition to lush expanses, Ridgefield also is known for its creative institutions. Near the trailhead for the two-some-mile rail-trail — a converted rail corridor— I spotted this photo mural outside the Ridgefield Guild of Artists. This is Miles Davis by Anton Corbijn. 

The Weir Farm National Historic Site and the adjacent nature reserve is a bucolic expanse of emerald fields, rugged stone walls, serene wetlands and shaded trails. Named for Impressionist painter, J. Alden Weir who lived here, this stunning venue has long been and continues to be an inspiration to artists.