Friday, November 27, 2020

Wearing a Face Mask with Eyeglasses - Fogging No More

 Sadly, many people come up with all sorts of reasons not to wear masks, including that their glasses fog. Of course, I’ve been masked up since mid-March, whenever I’m around other people outdoors and, of course, indoors when I go shopping. (No indoor dining or bars for me.) But, I’ve had to (unsuccessfully) deal with major lens fogging. Eyeglasses fog because the warm exhaled air migrates through gaps in the mask. I’ve tried everything to de-fog my eyeglasses, from applying liquid soap, shaving cream, an anti-fog spray, and so forth. I ordered more than half a dozen different sorts of masks that fit my face differently. Nothing worked. That is, until the manufacturer of Cabeau Tape sent me a sample to test. Now, this sounded like no way would it work.

It’s pre-cut small pieces of medical-grade tape that you stick around your nose, under your eye and in front of your ears to “seal” the gaps in your mask. The first time I tried it, it didn’t work. The fogging persisted. But, then I was more diligent in how I applied the tape under my eye and nose area. Success. Fogging be gone! And the tape was comfortable, easy to apply, and adequate stickiness so that it did not lift off from my cloth mask.

Here’s a video that helped me figure out how to efficiently use the tape. I found that using a mirror assures that you properly applied the tape to “seal” any gaps.

I’m so happy with this product that I just ordered two more rolls of tape.