Sunday, May 24, 2020

Resorts in Fiji - Photos

I’m daydreaming of Fiji, specifically Castaway Island, a resort on a private island, as well as the Nanuku Auberge Resort, which is set on the rainy side of the main island of Viti Levu.

At Castaway island, the North Beach is perfect for an early morning walk. Every morning, I walked out of my beach bure — a traditional Fijian bungalow — and jogged along the golden sands, or hiked a trail along the coastline, being mindful of the sensation of the breeze on my face, and the soft sound of the tide lapping on volcanic rocks.

Some days, at low-tide, I strolled around a rocky point to a more desolate strip of sand. Some people enjoy kayaking there as well. I dream of getting a massage at a portable table that’s occasionally set up along North Beach in a secluded area, far from the myriad water-based activities

Even a type A person (like myself) can easily get into a Zen state of mind at the Nanuku Auberge Resort where a sustainability and eco ethic prevails, including learning how to plant mangrove forests. This property is idyllic, whether it’s the accommodations that have private plunge pools, the creative cuisine in the al fresco restaurant, or the daily opportunities to learn first-hand about Fijian culture.