Sunday, May 31, 2020

Faroe Islands - Photos

I’m dreaming of the Faroe Islands, a windswept archipelago of 18 islands that’s snuggled in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway. It thrives on its main claim to fame: a reputation for a pristine environment, and awe-inspiring scenery. 

The weather can be dramatic with high winds and drenching rains. In fact, the Faroese have 40 words for “fog.” But no matter whether it’s foggy, cloudy, blustery, whether I was pelted with rain or sleet, or whether the sun was blazing, this is a land with an absolute peaceful beauty that I long to return to.

I visited four of the 18 islands and found that around every bend in the road is an idyllic scene of tumbling waterfalls, rushing streams, jagged peaks with birds soaring about, and expansive pastures where sheep placidly graze. 

A bucolic trail that takes about two hours to hike leads from the capital city of Torshavn to Kirkjubour, a waterfront village of turf-roof dwellings, cathedral ruins and Saint Olav's Church. It's here where Trondur Patursson, a Faroese sculptor, painter and glass artist, created the colorful gate in the photo below.