Sunday, October 7, 2018

This Travel Writer Is Also A Screenwriter - Early Peek

Credit: @Jeanine Barone

Many who read my blog may not be aware that I’m also a comedy screenwriter. (I’ve written 17 shorts and 3 feature comedies.) This is an early peek of “Such A Deal,” a comedy short film that we shot a little over a month ago. According to Dionna McMillian @dionnafilm: “The final color will be magical, just like the adventure our heroine goes on... ”
I’m so thrilled to have worked with Dionna McMillian @dionnafilm and the entire awesome cast and crew.
Story by and co-written by me, @jcreaturetravel
Directed by and co-written by Dionna McMillian @dionnafilm
Starring @ebonyobsidian
Co-starring @damianemcee
Co-produced by @kenziemcheather
Stedicam operator @eddielebron