Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gear Review: Slick Looking but Non-Slip Water Worthy Shoes

When I do a restaurant review, I’ve found that even top-tier restaurants often fail on the desserts. Everything from appetizers to entrees are creatively prepared with surprising flavors and textures, but the desserts almost always revolve around the tried and true: cheesecake, creme brulee, molten or a dense chocolate cake, and ice cream or sorbet. This analogy seems to hold for shoe manufacturers. Everything about shoe aesthetics, form and function seem to hold up until you deal with the sole. Specifically, I’m referring to soles that are constructed of materials with no traction whatsoever, making it unsafe to walk across a slick, wet surface. This can be a metallic embellishment on a pavement, or a marble floor in a hotel, or a wooden floor that’s just been mopped. In all these cases, even a good-looking, high-priced shoe fails, leaving the consumer off balance. As a traveler who walks exceedingly briskly, I’m always in the market for a fashionable, functional shoe with a sticky sole. Astral to the rescue.

I just found out about this company that manufactures shoes. which all have a sticky outsole made with a rubber that provides significant grip. And that’s the case even for their stylish Mary Janes and even their flip-flops. In addition, Astral’s shoes are designed to hold up even in a drenching rain. Another plus is that the company is committed to sustainability.