Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gear Review: Performance Socks

For many travelers, socks are very much an afterthought. But, since many of my journeys involve biking, jogging, hiking or Nordic skiing, socks are a key item that make the difference between a pleasant trek and one laden with misery. Wearing socks with seams, those that are not able to wick away sweat, or that don't fit well or provide adequate cushioning means you may be suffering from blisters or other foot-related aches and pains. I recently tried several different pairs of Feetures, socks designed by a family-owned company in North Carolina. The company offers a lifetime guarantee for a replacement or a refund. And they give back to the community by sponsoring Let Me Run, a nonprofit based in Charlotte that coaches pre-teen and teenage boys not just in a running programs but also in other aspects of well-being and wellness, such as having respect for self and others. The socks, which have wickable fibers so sweat dissipates from the skin, come in different levels of cushioning, depending on your activity and needs. And, when I tried out the pair with max cushioning recently on a run, I found the compression on my arches quite comfortable. I’m bringing three or four pair on my next journey.