Saturday, December 12, 2015

Anguilla: It's More Than Beaches

Anguilla’s 33 beaches beckon with their pure, white swaths of crushed coral sand. Most visitors are enticed to the island by their picturesque allure, from the shelling possibilities at Shoal Bay West to Savannah Bay where sea turtles are known to nest. But there are plenty more activities on Anguilla to occupy those who want a break from the sand and sun.

That includes taking a guided walk with naturalist Oliver Hodge who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the medicinal and cultural uses of native plants. (You can trek with him along the lush Katouche Trail that ends at a picturesque bay.)

Or sign up with the Anguilla National Trust to explore caves on their Bats & Botany tour. When you're not bird watching along the island's brackish ponds or trekking to the arid east side of the island to spot curious cacti, you'll want to check out the creativity of the island's chefs (at De Cuisine and Hibernia) and artists, such as Cheddie Richardson at his shop and atelier, Driftwood Haven.
Find out more about the non-beachy side of Anguilla in the article I wrote for National Geographic Traveler - Intelligent Travel.