Monday, September 8, 2014

Avoiding Accidents + Injuries on Vacation

What's a vacation without more than a few surprises? But my idea of the unexpected includes mountain biking through a pine forest and coming upon a hamlet where I can do a wine tasting in a small cellar. Or hiking to a craggy peak where I discover a farmer selling fresh sheep and goat's milk cheese. Or kayaking to an island where I find an expansive and little-visited botanical garden. When I travel, surprises should not include a visit to an emergency room or several days laid up because of illness or injury.

I just returned from a month in SE Asia and had no illness or injury to show for it -- unlike almost all the Westerners I encountered who, at the very least, ended up with traveler's belly. Is it because I'm lucky? No. Actually, I'm the model of caution whether I'm on my home turf in NYC or traveling far afield.

But many vacationers leave common sense at home. Do you also suffer from
vacation mind? Find out more in this article I recently wrote on the subject.