Thursday, June 19, 2014

Taiwan In Pictures

With hot springs beckoning bathers, serrated mountain peaks looming over placid lakes, and pebbly beaches fronting calm bays, Taiwan is a nature-lovers paradise. Whether it's Sun Moon Lake, the country's largest such body of water, or Taroga Gorge tiny pedestrian bridges lead to the interior that's peppered with red-roofed shrines and tumbling waterfalls, Taiwan is a magnet for those seeking adventure on all levels, from thrill seekers to those who prefer things more on the tame side. Cyclists will find level paths along waterfronts, such as the Keelung  or  Dongsham rivers, where they'll want to stop for a picnic at a scenic viewing pavilion.

Sounds of cicadas
Steam swirls above Beitou Springs
Misty veil obscures

Check out my short YouTube video slideshow for a window into Taiwan's natural side.