Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radio Show: The Romania You Never Knew

After reporting about my travels in Romania for the Huffington Post, I was more than a little surprised to receive dozens and dozens and dozens of comments on my article where I looked at some of the less visited venues in this Eastern European country. Some liked my take on Romania. Others definitely did not, thinking I didn't do justice to this wonderful country and its people. But it certainly stirred quite a bit of controversy.

You can listen (below) to my recent interview with Rod McLaughlin at KPAM 860 radio in Portland, Oregon where I explain why Romania seems to get a bad wrap travel-wise and what two sights made the most impression on me.



J The Travel Authority said...

Hi Moving House, Glad you enjoyed this post. It's amazing how few people have discovered the beauty of Romania.

Albert said...

The house is looking at me! lol

Daisy81 said...
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