Sunday, November 20, 2022

Travels Around Prince Edward Island - Part 2

 Walking along the Black Marsh Trail in western Prince Edward Island couldn’t be more idyllic. You’ll see dramatic cliffs, curious botanicals, numerous bird species and this signature rock that’s red, like much of the land on PEI, because of iron oxide. 

Whether in the forests with their dense canopy or the red rock cliff tops with stunted foliage and towering wind turbines, I ambled this trail, feeling like I was wandering through a wonderful dreamscape with butterflies fluttering about, delicate orchids growing near my feet, the azure sea crashing far below, and the occasional eagle soaring overhead.

The clouds swell and the sea churns as a prelude to the arrival of Hurricane Fiona in Prince Edward Island. Here, I notice the rustling of the tall grasses, and the  humming of a wind turbine that rises in the distance.