Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Spectacular Garden in Canada's Quebec Maritime Region

The Gaspesie Peninsula in Canada’s Quebec Maritime region is a year-round gem, whether you desire undeveloped sandy beaches, networks of hiking trails or an abundance of cross-country ski options in the winter when a thick blanket of snow coats the landscape. But horticulture fans will also want to visit this area that’s home to the unique and historic Jardins de M├ętis/Reford Gardens. Here, it’s not just the thousands of botanical specimens that will delight, but also the avant-garde installations that are part of the annual International Garden Festival as well as the numerous sculptures dotting the property. I recently interviewed Alexander Reford, the director as well as great-grandson of the horticulturist and Reford Gardens' creator, Elsie Reford. Here’s my article for Forbes Life