Saturday, September 5, 2020

Photos - Travels in Rhinebeck, NY

Originally settled in the 17th century, the historic village of Rhinebeck in New York’s Hudson Valley is a beauty. Wander its streets to explore the various architectural styles, from Gothic Revival to Queen Anne, while shopping, browsing or sampling the farm-to-table cuisine.

Named for the many authors, including Washington Irving, who are said to have strolled this scenic property set along the Hudson River in Rhinebeck, NY, Poets’ Walk Park (including this grand gazebo) can’t help but engender inspiration for all who walk the trails through field and forest.

Though Ferncliff Forest in Rhinebeck, NY often attracts those whose sole desire is to climb the 80-foot-high fire tower for its panoramic Hudson Valley views, I prefer exploring the network of trails that course pass ponds and through dense woodland.

In Ferncliff Forest, the 80-foot-high fire tower attracts those who desire dramatic views of the Hudson Valley. But, for me, ambling through the woodlands offers the intimacy with nature that I crave.

Expansive Ferncliff Forest offers several idyllic picnic spots like this one beside a small pond.

Along the network of trails lacing idyllic Poets’ Walk Park in Rhinebeck, NY, shady expanses deep in woodland quickly turn to sun-splashed fields and meadows.