Sunday, December 15, 2019

Gear Review: Stylish Winter Boots with Traction on Ice

When the temperatures drop and the sidewalk and other surfaces are coated with ice and snow, I turn to shoes and boots manufactured by Ice Bug, a Sweden-based company that strives for sustainability. What makes their footwear unique is that many of them have soles with studs that allow for slip-free brisk walking, running or hiking on icy/snowy terrain. One of their most popular boots is the Metro 2 BUGrip, a trademark name for the carbide steel studs imbedded in the outsole. (The traction system is referred to as dynamic, meaning that it adapts to the surface and the amount of pressure your foot exerts on the ground. Each stud is acting independently.) The shoe is stylish with a side zipper; it’s water-repellent, insulated, and allows me to easily walk on most any outdoor surfaces thanks to the stable grip. Of course, once I transition indoors with these boots, I have to remain vigilant, walking carefully on marble or tile flooring because steel studs do not mix well with these slick surfaces. That's the only downside to these boots, but then any studded shoe would have the same problem