Sunday, June 24, 2018

Necessities on the Plane

I recently traveled on a 15+ hour flight and was surprised with the number of passengers who were quite uncomfortable because they neglected to pack an array of items. This is my list of in-flight necessities for health and comfort:

1. Large pashmina that functions as a blanket and, when rolled up, as a lumbar support

2. Lightweight merino wool buff that also serves several functions: eye mask, neck warmer, cap.

3. Altoids - peppermint

4. Lightweight cotton tote -- I use it as a pillow case, stuffing my down vest or jacket, or my merino wool sweater into it

5. Antacid - chewable tablets like Rolaids or Tums

6. Aleve

7. Chewable Bonine - meclizine hydrochloride - for motion sickness

8. Limoncello lip butter

9. Charmin flushable wipes

10. Ricola natural herb throat lozenges

11. Eye mask

12. Ear Peace - ear plugs -

13. Hand sanitizer

14. travel-size toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, Stim-U Dents

15. Dark chocolate

16. Unsalted shelled pistachios

17. Low-fat string cheese

18. Whole wheat crackers