Friday, April 28, 2017

Where To Safely Carry That Passport

I just returned from a bicycle trip to South Korea where the guide was -- hmm, how should I say this diplomatically -- less than competent. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when we’re about to board a ferry to an island within South Korea and we’re all required to show our passport in order to get our tickets. Sounds odd, for sure, because we’re not crossing a border. And no other form of identification would suffice: it had to be the passport for foreign visitors. Now, I know we’re often told to never travel with the passport once we’ve reached your destination, but I always have my passport safely zipped away in the 7-in-1 micro bag that I designed, the atta-Bag.  (This video shows some of it's features.) I carry it with me because numerous times, whether I’m trying to exchange money, check into a hotel, get a ticket for an event, and so forth, I’m asked for my passport. So in this South Korean situation, I was the only one in the group who had the passport on their person. The others packed the passports away in their luggage -- a common storage place for passports, it turns out -- in the bowels of the car ferry. They now had to race onto the ferry’s cargo hold, and retrieve the passport, and race back onto land as the gang plank was rising. They all almost missed the ferry, and the officials had to hold the ferry for them. Not good all around, except for me who carries all my valuable safely in my micro travel bag that’s so minimal most people don’t even realize I’m carrying it.

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