Sunday, February 19, 2017

Packing a First-Aid Kit for your Kids

Nothing ruins a trip more than an injury or illness, whether it affect you or your kids. And, though most people think they know what to pack in a first-aid kit, that’s generally not the case. The items end up being an afterthought and often revolve around aspirin, Tylenol and Band-aids.

I’ve designed a Kids Doc-in-a-Bag to help with the planning. It comes with a comprehensive laminated list of what to include in your kids first-aid kit, including:

kids Benadryl (antihistamine) for allergic reactions
topical cortisone cream for rashes + insect bites
child-safe sunscreen
child-safe insect repellant

I’m especially fond of the products manufactured by All Terrain like their child-safe insect repellant and sunscreen.

Check out Kids Doc-in-a-Bag for the entire list of everything you should pack in their first aid kit.