Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gear Review: Ultra Comfy + Stylish Sandals

Most shoes and sandals require some kind of break-in period. So imagine my surprise when I put on a pair of NAOT sandals -- the Hillary model -- and my feet melted into a cloud. That’s what these felt like. Not only did they feel comfortable in a cloud-like way, they weighed next to nothing. Aside from flip flops, I’ve never worn a shoe or sandals that was so light. And that’s what makes them perfect for savvy, stylish traveling.

NAOT manages to come up with the ultra comfortable shoe that’s good for your foot -- and keeping it light -- by making a footbed that mimics the shape of the foot, using cork, latex and memory foam. Interestingly, because your own body heat radiates into the footbed, it gets more comfortable with continued use. Usually ergonomically foot-friendly shoes aren’t the most stylish but that’s not the case with NAOT that crafts the uppers from Italian leather and has created a thick catalogue full of different collections, from the sporty to the elegant, each with different arch supports, but all with a footbed that protects your heel bone, provides shoe absorption, and prevents your big toe from slipping forward

But NAOT is much more than comfort. It’s an Israeli company that has long handmade shoes and sandals (including boots and clogs) for men and women in Northern Israel, with Israelis and Palestinians working in harmony. The word “naot” is Hebrew for oasis, which is perfect considering the company is like an oasis of peace and the shoe is an oasis of tranquility for the foot.