Monday, August 31, 2015

Packing Tips for the Plane

    With economy seating getting tighter and tighter, there's even more reason to have all your necessities -- especially on long flights -- in a small shoulder or tote bag that easily fits under your seat. I recently blogged that I've managed to go even lighter than ever before in terms of my never-check-luggage packing, carrying a backpack that itself fits under my seat, beside my wee shoulder bag. No climbing over your seatmates during the flight to access your overhead luggage. (On my recent flight from Amsterdam, the person in front of me got up no less than 15 times during the 7 hour flight to get into his overhead luggage, in the process causing pieces of luggage to barely miss hitting a fellow passenger in the head!)

    What bag did I choose as a tiny tote? My new favorite bag is manufactured by Timbuk2. It's durable and water resistant. In fact, I comfortably carried it across my body on my recent Brittany walk. It has a number of internal pockets to help organize things.

What kinds of items make it into my Timbuk2? The list below takes care of most all needs that come up during a flight, from stomach upset (that's where the peppermint and chewable antacids come into play); headache (Aleve); motion sickness (Bonine works more efficiently than Dramamine); dry lips (Limoncello lip butter); bathroom issues (Charmin wet wipes); dry or sore throat (Ricola natural herb lozenges); noise and light issues (Ear Peace ear plugs and an eye mask); unclean hands or surfaces (hand sanitizer); chocoholic cravings (Godiva dark  chocolate pearls that come in a little tin); and dental needs (floss, mini toothpaste and foldable toothbrush, and Stim-U Dents, a special toothpick that softens so as not to injure your gums, or a disposable brush that combines paste and toothpick all in one.)

My In-Flight Necessities:
Altoids - peppermint
Antacid - chewable tablets like Rolaids or Tums
Bonine - meclizine hydrochloride - chewable
Godiva - dark chocolate pearls
Limoncello lip butter
Charmin wipes
Ricola natural herb throat lozenges
Eye mask
Ear Peace - ear plugs
Hand sanitizer
toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, Stim-U Dents