Friday, July 31, 2015

Travel Security Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Traveling alone shouldn't mean sticking close to your hotel and ordering room service every night, or choosing an all-inclusive because you're afraid of going far afield by yourself. I travel all over the world sometimes with a friend, sometimes with a group but, more often, alone. Here are 11 of my top travel security tips for women traveling my themselves.

1. Make sure your accommodation's door as well as any sliding glass doors each have a dead bolt.

2. In case your door doesn't come with a dead bolt, hang a portable door alarm around the knob.

3. Try to get a room that's not on the first floor.

4. Before you approach your room, look around to see who is hanging around the hallway or is near the door to your accommodation.

5. Check the elevator before entering it.

6. It's best not to carry a purse. But if you decide to, make sure the purse strap is cross body and that the pockets cannot be easily opened.

7. Never drape your purse on the back of your chair or leave it on the floor, even if it's beneath the table or between your legs. Instead, put your leg through the strap so you'll feel the tug should anyone try to swipe it.

8. Think about wearing clothing, including pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and shirts with zippered pockets to store your belongings.

9. Don't wear flashy jewelry or clothing that will bring unwanted attention to yourself.

10. When sitting at a bar, always keep your drink within eyesight and never leave it unattended.

11. Once you check into your accommodation, speak with local women business owners to find out if there are streets or neighborhoods with security issues. 


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