Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gear Review: Comfortable Wool Sport Underwear

What I'm about to say I packed on my month-long trip to Southeast Asia this past summer may be one off the most surprising things you've read on my blog. That's because, though the temperature and humidity were both off the charts, I carried along three pairs of wool underwear -- and the only underwear I brought. Yes, you heard correctly, wool, Merino wool, at that. It may sound like an odd, ill-conceived choice but, in fact, it was the best thing I could've worn against my skin. I chose the Women's PhD Seamless Bikini underwear manufactured by SmartWool. They performed impeccably, keeping me comfortable -- they're ultra soft and they don't bunch up -- and dry no matter the temperature nor the activity. (I often wore them for bicycling and hiking and they easily wicked away sweat.) They also don't retain odor and they dried quickly when washed. This particular model -- and they have several -- is made with 79% Merino wool, the rest synthetic fibers. Now I'm a convert and I'm all about wearing wool panties even when I'm in New York City where it's about to snow today. (The same wool fabric that kept me comfortable in the hot weather also keeps me warm in the winter.)  And the men aren't left out in this shopping experience: SmartWool makes men's underwear as well.


Anonymous said...

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