Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Solo Travel Safety Tips + Much More

I'm a slim packer. Whether I'm traveling for eight weeks or eight days, I only carry a backpack and a fanny pack that doubles as a shoulder bag. In order to do this efficiently, there are certain items I bring on every trip, such as a large, cashmere pashmina that serves several functions, including as a blanket on the or, when rolled up, as a lumbar support on the plane.

These are some of the many things you'll learn from an interview I just did with Flavours Holidays, a cool travel agency specializing in cooking, painting, and Pilates vacations in Italy.

You'll learn about some of my personal security tips when I'm traveling alone. For example,  if you ever carry a pursse, never ever hang it over your chair in a bar or restaurant or even place it between your feet on the floor. Find out the security situation of your destination neighborhood by speaking with women business owners in the area.

And, then there's one of my most memorable experiences: a fun, informative and exciting trip down the Amazon with International Expeditions where I met the best naturalist guide ever. You'll find out about what makes him so stellar in this interview, as well as much more information on how I plan my trips, and the circuitous course I took to becoming a travel writer.