Monday, April 15, 2013

Gear Review: Aloe Gel

With so many chemicals in the products we purchase, it's always great to find a reputable outdoor-oriented company manufacturing environmentally-friendly creams, salves, ointments, gels and lotions to keep you from getting bitten, burned, chapped, and laden with welts and rashes after a day or more of hiking, biking or just hanging out at the beach. All Terrain is that company. Not only is this New Hampshire-based company focused on natural ingredients but they are also concerned about children's health, including obesity. (That's why they support organizations that are concentrating on getting kids to be more active.)

Two of All Terrain's products that I'm recommending in my soon-to-go-on-sale first-aid kit organizer (referred to as Doc-in-a-Bag™) are Aloe Gel and Herbal Armor Spray. So many aloe products don't seem to do much for my dry or red, irritated skin (whether from a rash or a minor sunburn) except leave me with a greasy feeling. Not so with Aloe Gel. I've applied it on my arms and legs and not a bit of the product ended up staining my clothing. 

The product, which comes in an easy-to-pack two-ounce tube ($4.99) contains chamomile and cucumber extracts as well as lavender oil, all which are noted for their skin healing properties. Also, the gel doesn't have a curious scent.

Herbal Armor Spray (4 ounces for $8.99) contains six natural oils noted for their ability to repel insects, such as mosquitoes: citronella, soybean, peppermint, cedar, lemongrass and geranium. Like any insect repellent, it's not 100% effective, of course. But I found it pretty powerful in repelling mosquitoes and flies for the first couple of hours after applying it.