Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Fave Travel Experiences and Much More

Some people consider themselves luxury travelers. Others are bargain seekers. Some travelers sling a backpack on their shoulders and hit the road. Others prefer road trips. I've got a mix-it-up travel style, which means I embrace all travel styles, depending on the trip or the venue. I do stay in hostels, particularly in Portugal, and have found some do be not only design-focused, but perfect places to get insider information on a city, like Braga, Portugal. But I also go on cruises, as long as they are very small ships and involve a high education quotient, like I found with Zegrahm. My mix-it-up style of travel reflects my personality: I get bored easily and like surprises.

Recently, Billie Frank at The Santa Fe Traveler interviewed me on this and many other topics, including whether I go outside my comfort zone when I travel (you'll find out why I decided to walk alone down shadowy streets in the dead of night in both Valletta, Malta and Dubrovnik, Croatia.), what kinds of travel experiences I seek out, what are my most memorable travels (hint: it was a winter trip I took much earlier this year), and my very favorite places in the world (hint2: one of the countries has a wee capital where some people still believe in elves.).


JRin Asia said...

Just read it, great interview!

J The Travel Authority said...

Hi JR, Glad you enjoyed it.